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NeuroCare® – providing medical care for patients suffering from neurological disorders. This is the most important priority in healthcare today.

The World Health Organization recognized neurological disorders as “one of the greatest threats to public health,” and concluded “that unless immediate action is taken globally the neurological burden is expected to become an even more serious and unmanageable problem in all countries.” (WHO. Neurological Disorders: Public Health Challenges).

1 in 9 individuals on the planet dies from a neurological disease. This mortality data grossly underestimates the true burden. Many common neurological disorders have a low mortality but strike at an early age and cause significant morbidity, resulting in long term disability. These disorders include dementia, epilepsy, headache, neuroinfections, movement disorders, neuropathies, stroke and traumatic brain injury. Additionally, musculoskeletal conditions including neck and back disorders are an enormous source of disability. Malnutrition contributes to the neurological burden. Many neurological conditions are associated with pain, compounding the suffering.

The vast majority of nervous system disorders occur in developing countries. The burden is particularly devastating in these regions because patients must contend with an inadequate healthcare infrastructure, lack of trained personnel and limited or non-existent resources. Moreover, the increasing prevalence of non-communicable disorders creates a ‘double burden’ since these nations remain plagued by infectious diseases. The Global Burden of Disease Study 2010 underscored the desperate need for improved neurological care in the developing world.


Advancing Neurological Care Worldwide

Globalization increases the dissemination of health risks and spread of disease through the transnational movement of people, goods, resources and lifestyles.

There is no longer a clear distinction between domestic health and foreign health. Local health problems are intrinsically linked to ill health in distant regions. This interdependence of populations precludes any single nation or organization from effectively addressing the collective health threats.

There must be a global approach to sharing the burden of neurological disease, incorporating clinical care at the individual patient level along with population-based measures to prevent disease. The challenges are enormous, compounded by vast disparities in healthcare between and within countries.

Global NeuroCare® is dedicated to improving neurological services for the most vulnerable populations in the most impoverished regions. Our approach integrates five principles:

  • Establish long term partnerships with local organizations
  • Focus on improving neurological care
  • Ensure a sustainable approach
  • Promote independence
  • Perform ongoing evaluation to improve the likelihood of long term success