What We Do

What We Do

At Global NeuroCare®, our priority is to improve neurological care for the most vulnerable populations in the most impoverished regions.

We direct aid through funding and management support to local organizations that are committed to improving neurological services.

Whether they offer direct patient care, physician training or research endeavors, these organizations improve the health of the local community.

How are we different?

Global NeuroCare® is distinguished by excellence. We adopt innovative approaches in delivering support, and are pioneering the advancement of neurological services in the developing world.

Global NeuroCare® adheres to the following principles:

  • Developing partnerships – we focus on establishing long term collaborations with universities, hospitals, clinics and organizations to support sustainable programs adapted to local needs
  • Global standard of care – we demand that every patient receive the highest quality care, regardless of geographical location
  • Fostering independence – our support is designed to ensure independent functioning of the local programs
  • Realistic goals – we focus our resources to make a significant difference in the local areas we support
  • Fiscal responsibility – we route donations to the people in need and do not spend on offices; all of our medical staff work on a volunteer basis
  • Total transparency – we provide our supporters with full accountability, and maintain financial and operational transparency



Global NeuroCare® works in partnership with organizations of all sizes to improve medical care in the world’s most impoverished regions. The goal of each partnership is to improve the health of patients by increasing the effectiveness and sustainability of a partner’s impact.

We devote significant time and money in collaborating partners for the following reasons: long term support of the costs of improving medical services; development and management of the services; and funding of capital projects designed to improve those services.



Global NeuroCare® monitors each partner on an ongoing basis to ensure accountability, and increase the likelihood of long term success.

We require every partner to establish reasonable targets and provide an outcome analysis with defined goals for each project, program or initiative.