Where We Work

Where We Work

Global NeuroCare™ is dedicated to improving neurological care whether at home or in the world’s most impoverished regions.

We perform neurological services in the United States and worldwide, focusing our work where we can provide the most effective help.

Ethiopia is one region meeting our strict criteria for support – we are able to collaborate with a local university, which is significantly improving neurological care, in a sustainable manner, and demonstrates the capacity to positively impact the health of the nation.


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Sub-saharan Africa harbours 24% of the global burden of disease but only 3% of the world’s healthcare workers. This dire situation becomes absolutely bleak in the Horn of Africa, home to over 100 million people. The heart of this region is Ethiopia, a nation plagued by long-standing, complex political, cultural, social and economic problems, yet the most stable country in the Horn. It is perhaps the most medically underserved nation on the planet, despite facing the ‘double burden’ of ongoing infectious diseases and increasing non-communicable conditions. Neurological disorders are the most serious threat to public health, yet there is only one neurologist for every 4 – 5 million people. This is a catastrophic situation that mandates a global response.

Dr. Johnston explains the state of affairs in Ethiopia during the following Grand Rounds lecture at the University of Washington.




There are 36 neurologists in Ethiopia. The World Health Organization recommends 900 – 4,500 additional neurologists in order to provide adequate care for the 105 million people. That is an impossible goal, so the residency program was designed to train highly qualified neurologists that will provide patient care as well as teach the primary care physicians how to manage basic neurological conditions. Supporting this program will save thousands of lives. Click here to read more about the program.



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This section highlights recent news and events concerning the neurology program in Ethiopia.