Who We Are

Who We Are

Global NeuroCare® is a tax-exempt non-profit organization dedicated to improving neurological care in the developing world. The organization holds Special Consultative Status with the United Nations ECOSOC, is accredited by the World Health Organization and affiliated with the Office of the Special Adviser on Africa.

We work with universities, hospitals, clinics and local organizations to help patients with neurological disorders, train physicians and advance medical research.

Together, we are making an enormous difference for thousands of people. We can do even more with your help.


Our mission is to improve neurological care in developing countries.

Global NeuroCare® works with local partners in developing nations to improve patient care, train physicians and advance medical research. We adopt strict criteria when reviewing the needs of developing nations, and will only direct aid to local organizations that enter into a collaborating partnership, are committed to improving neurological services in a sustainable manner, and demonstrate self-sufficiency.

The success of the Ethiopian neurology training centre has refined our vision and goals – supporting this program will save countless lives, and provide a foundation for improving neurological services in other nations.

We aim to help this program expand throughout Ethiopia by acquiring the necessary medical and educational resources, increasing the number of trained neurologists, and forming neurology departments in the regional university medical schools.



Our vision – global neurological equity.

Our vision is to be the leading organization advancing the improvement of sustainable neurological care in developing nations, by helping these regions replicate the Ethiopian program.



Global NeuroCare® is a tax exempt non-profit organization founded by Dr. James C. Johnston to improve neurological care in the world’s most impoverished regions.
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We value your trust in our ability to direct aid to programs that will provide the greatest help for patients suffering from neurological disorders. Your donation will save lives and improve the health of the world’s most vulnerable populations.
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